Thursday, March 5, 2009

By the Grace of God

We were in a car accident last Sunday. Dh was driving, I was in the passenger seat and Emily was in her car seat in the middle of the back seat--right where she is supposed to be. we were on our way to church at about 9:30 am. We were going down a main busy road, but it was pretty quiet this particular day. We were running a little late and decided I would pump in the car. No big deal, I do it all the time.

We were heading up to an intersection--not a busy one. The light was green. We had the right of way. This maroon Saturn decides to try and make a left turn in front of us and she didn't make it. DH slammed on the breaks and we tried to swirve, but not too much because there was a car in the lane next to us. We were going about 25-30 mph as we hit. I just remember looking at DH like "what do we do now??" and then looking at the car as we hit.

It was weird. I was like slow motion. Hard to explain. I saw the window crack and the airbags deploy towards me and all of a sudden lots of powder and it smelled like gas and burning metal. The airbags did not hit us. I heard a "poof" like we hit something. It fels as if we were in bumper cars and we just slammed into another bumper car. My ears were ringing. The rang for a few hours after the accident.

DH pulled the car out of the road and onto a nearby plaza. I frantically got out of the car (my door would barely open) and ran to get Emily out of the car. She was alsleep through the entire ordeal. She only started crying when I was panicking to get her out. I thought the car was on fire so I wanted to get her out as soon as possible.
The girl who caused the accident came running over crying yelling "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry" I was livid and just didn't care if she was sorry or not. I started yelling at her. "What were you thinking??!!" "You could have killed my child!!" She thought we were slowing down and that she could make the turn. I was so mad.

Three cops and an ambulace came.
The ambulance guys were very nice. One young guy and one older guy. The older guy just loved Emily. He wanted to take her home! She got a perfect bill of health and she got a "feel better bear". She loved it.

My mother came to the scene to help us. We had to get everything out of the car and stuff it in my mothers small compact car.
We got home and called the insurance company and we had a rental by noon.

Geico is our insurance company. They have been great. We are getting $5400 for our beloved Infiniti (gawd we loved that car) and Emily has a brand smankin' new Graco Safe Seat Infant seat.
Thank God for protecting us. Objects can be replaced, but the people you love can't.