Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Ear Infection

My poor baby! It started Wednesday night. We gave her bananas and she was up every 1-2 hours screaming with terrible gas. No more bananas for Emily for at least a month.
Thursday night was not any better. We had to rock her back to sleep and finally by 3 am decided to just keep her in the bed with us. As long as she was sleeping close by, she was fine.
I thought it was the bananas still in her system. She had no fever and was fine during the day.
Friday night came and she was beyond miserable. She had a fever of 100.7 so I gave her some Tylenol and we went to bed. I woke up early Saturday morning and took her to the doctor. As soon as the doctor checked her ears, she started screaming.
She is now on amoxicillan two times a day. She doesn't like the medicine. It is raspberry flavored. What ever happened to bubble gum?
She is doing much better and sleeping through the night again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


On 1/8 Emily got her first taste of solids. We tried single grain rice mixed with breast milk. She didn't know what it was and frankly, didn't care! She didn't take to it well and kinda hates it. We give it to her for breakfast and then for dinner. She just spits it back out of her mouth. We only give her a tablespoon at a time, and she barely finishes that.
I really thought she was going to like it, because she LOVES to eat. I even tasted it. Not too bad. It is sweet from the breast milk. Maybe once she learns how to "chew" it and swallow, it will get
better. I am trying not to get discouraged over it or think something is wrong with her, because I know it is normal. I just hope she isn't like this with veggies too. I am all about veggies and I want her to be too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baby's 1st Christmas!

Lets begin on Christmas eve.  After doing some last minute shopping at the local mall, which is funny because before Emily, I had all my shopping done and gifts wrapped and under the tree weeks before Christmas.  This year, time just got away from me.  

I spent Christmas eve afternoon watching The Duggar marathon on TV while wrapping almost all of t
he gifts.  That evening, we headed over to my mom's house for a yummy lobster and steak dinner.  DH is a great cook and the lobster came out perfect.  Emily watched from her exersaucer as we ate.  She was busy trying to pull her bow off her head.  Then it was time for presents!  This is Emily opening 
her very first present from her grandparents. 

She was more interested in getting the paper in her mouth more than anything.  She was so bored after we finally got the gift open as you can see from the picture.  She got some onesies, outfits and a gift card to BRU! 

After gifts and dessert we headed home for the night.  We were all exhausted, especially DH who worked all day long.  Emily was 
out before we hit the road.  

She slept great that night and was up at 8am.  We got her out of the crib and went to the tree.  This was the first time she sat up all on her own!  What a great accomplishment for her.
We opened a few
 gifts with her and then opened ours.  We got her some paci's, a "O" ball, which looks more like a dog toy than a baby toy, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn activity table and Fisher Price gum ball machine.  These toys are for 6 months and up so pretty soon she will enjoy them.  
That morning we went to my side of the family for more gifts and food.  In the afternoon we headed over to DH's side of the family for more gifts and even more food!  
Emily did fairly well with everyone wanting to hold her and just being shuffled from house to house all day long.  She 
is such an easy kid I tell ya.  At the end of the day, we were all ready to snuggle into bed.