Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 Years old!

Emily is well on her way to being a full blown two year old.  All of a sudden she has become a little bit more independent, decisive and can I say attitudy????  This kid has had more temper tantrums the last week than she ever has in her entire little life.  We are being firm though.
She has gained a new sense of independence that I find somewhat sad and somewhat comforting to know that she is developmentally on track.  She has to bring her baby doll with her everywhere now, along with her purse filled with sunglasses, cell phone and baby pacifiers.  It really is the cutest thing.
Emily has also become more decisive, especially when it comes to food.  She used to eat whatever she we put in from of her, but last week she barely ate dinner.  I admit that one night last week she did have a bowl of ice cream for dinner.  Granted, she is teething HARD right now.  I can feel molars coming through.  If she doesn't want something she howls "nooooo".
She is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba.  Every morning she wakes up and as we pass the living room says "Party party party on"  Meaning she wants to watch her show.  I don't really know why she calls it "party" except that they dance and sing.  She has never been one to sit and watch TV so I am taking advantage of these little TV breaks here and there.