Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 Months!

Emily was 10 months old as of 6/8/09. She spent that day exploring her new house!! We had our house inspection and she enjoyed bouncing around in her new room with plushy carpet. She didn't care much for the hardwoods downstairs though. Our close date is July 10th so we need to start packing!!!
Emily is so close to standing on her own and she is really cruising around the furniture now. She has discovered the cabinet doors and after she was found pulling out all of mommy's pots and pans along with some other things she shouldn't be touching so on went the locks.
Emily is a big hand clapper now. Whenever she is excited and happy, she claps and claps and claps! It is the cutest thing.
We started giving her more table foods. Her favorites are deli meats, shredded cheese, mixed vegetables, noodles and of course cheerios and puffs. Last night we gave her some ground beef that we used for tacos and she loved it! I wish I snapped a picture because her entire face was orange.
We take her in for her cardiologist appointment on the 25th of this month. I am not that worried. After the initial shock wore off that something might be wrong and some reassurance from family and friends, I think she will be just fine.
Then in about a three weeks she goes back to the pedi for a weight check. She weighed 14 lbs 4 oz three weeks ago and since then I have been trying to fatten her up by offering her food/bottles more often. I noticed that if she is overly distracted, she will not drink a bottle so before we go out anywhere, I make sure she has a full belly. She seems to have gained some weight as her clothing is starting to get a tad snug.