Friday, April 18, 2008

23 week Update

I am 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant and couldn't feel any better!

I am getting more sleep at night and my energy level has gone back to normal. I am hoping this lasts a while!!

Our little girl has been happily moving all around and kicking me for the past month. She has been on a pretty normal schedule, being very active in the middle of the night and also around 8-10am, then again in the afternoon around 2-4pm. It is a great feeling to know that she is doing well. Although, she has managed to find my bladder and enjoys kicking it like a kickball!

She doesn't mind it when I place my hand on my belly, but when my husband tries to feel her kicks, she stops! As soon as he removes his hand she starts kicking again. It is funny how even in the womb babies favor certain touches. She also has been kicking like crazy every time I am driving. Maybe she doesn't like the vibrations.

I go to the doctor on the 22ND of this month for my 24 week appointment. Her heart rate was at 160 BPM at 20 weeks which is good. It is supposed to start getting slower now that her organs and such are all developed.

I found the perfect bedding for her nursery! I always thought I would get Pottery barn Kids bedding, but their stuff from the winter months/early spring didn't catch my eye and seemed a bit boring. I want something that is bright and colorful. Most of their stuff is white and pastelly. BUT I went into the Pottery bark Kids store this week and fell in love with this set. It is called "Mia" and looks much more vibrant in person than on the website. I love the pinks greens and oranges mixed with polka dots!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Comment

This has been bothering me all weekend and I have to vent my feelings. What better place to vent then on my blog?
Friday night as co-worker was leaving she yelled "Now don't have that baby over the weekend!" with a chuckle. I just looked at her and said "That really isn't funny, if I had the baby, she would not make it"
I know she meant it to be funny, but I took offense to it. That really was not funny at all. She replied "oh I had no idea, I guess that would be really bad".

I t was not funny to me maybe because I have been following a woman's blog who lost her twins at 23 weeks and how devistated she is by all this, or maybe because it really isn't funny at all. There is nothing funny about giving birth early or even losing your baby.

I couldn't stop thinking about this all weekend. What would I do if I lost my baby? I have no idea. I know life would go on, but how would I deal? Probably just like the woman who lost her twins. I know several woman who have had a miscarriage or several miscarriages. Somehow they find the courage to go on and keep trying for the baby they have always longed for.
That saddens me that this woman lost her babies. I read her blog and cry every time. This deep sadness comes over me and I want to reach through the screen and give her a hug.

Here is her blog if you want to read.

I don't know. I just had to post this.