Thursday, June 10, 2010

Holy word explosion

The last few weeks Emily has started repeating pretty much everything Adam and I say (which means we need to watch what we say!)  She learned how to say cow last week and loves to point them out when we pass them on the way to the mall.  I will be driving and all of a sudden she will belt out "COW!" and "Mooooooooooooooooooooooooo" follows.  It is so cute.  I really need to get this recorded because it really is adorable.  She likes to say this over and over too, no matter where we are.  "Cow.  Moooooooo"  "Cow.  Moooooo"

We are also entering the temper tantrum stage.  She will throw herself on the floor and roll around if she doesn't get exactly what she wants at that very second.  I have learned to just walk away.  She will get over it.

I want to start operation no paci....again.  It seems like everytime I decide to take it away, she starts teething and there is no way I am taking that away when she is teething.  She needs some comfort.  Maybe next month.
Here she is eating ice cream.  She LOVES ice cream!

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